Warforged of the world


The Warforged are a race of living, sentient constructs, superficially similar to golems. Warforged are composed of a blend of Mithral, steel, silver, and magical runes. Though they have free will, whether they have a soul is not known with certainty; they can be resurrected by spells designed to restore human souls to life, but, unlike humans, never remember anything of their experience in the afterlife after such an event. While they have no biological sex, Warforged may adopt a gender role as part of their individual personality. They do not age as the other races do, and it is not known what effect time will have on them. It is generally assumed that, like all living creatures, their bodies must experience degradation over time. Like other races, Warforged may take levels in any character class. Warforged are produced with armor for skin and have various immunities, including to poison and disease. Healing spells have reduced effect on Warforged, but a series of repair spells work fully on them.
They were created in magical ‘creation forges’ to fight in the Last War, based on technology recovered from Veritus Empire. When the Last War ended, they were given their freedom to do as they wished. Afterwards they created The Forge, an island fortress where the whereabouts aren’t even known by the empire. With their own home, the Warforged began a pursuit of perfection and considered themselves the greatest force of order and law in the world. They then started to look upon the other the races with inferiority as they found them to be flawed and made it their sole purpose to keep peace and order in the world. The Warforged have begun something they call “The Cleansing’ and The Forge now sends Warforged Champions to the main land to deal with the Insania horde for they believe they are upsetting the peace and balance of the world. If the champions fail, then the Warforged believe they have no choice but to destroy everyone and start the world anew, but they hold this as a last resort.

Racial traits:

  • -2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom: Warforged are over observant and walking tanks, which is probably why they’re not very agile as others.
  • Living Construct
  • Medium size, 30ft land speed
  • Immune to Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Disease, Nausea, Fatigue, Exhaustion, Sickening, and Energy Drain.
  • Does not Eat, Sleep, or breathe.
  • Does not naturally heal.
  • At 0 hp, is Disabled (as usual). From –1 to –9 hp, is Inert (i.e., Unconscious, but stable)
  • Conj(healing) spells only heal . hp.
  • Can be ‘healed’ by a Craft check that takes 8 hours. The Warforged is repaired the check – 15 hp. It is possible to ‘Take 10’, but not ‘Take 20’. The following Craft skills can be used: armorsmithing or blacksmithing. A Warforged may repair itself. This check cannot be done untrained
  • Armored Skin: Warforged cannot put on armor because they natural have armor on as natural skin. They receive a +5 Armor bonus to AC, but 15% Arcane failure chance and their Maximum Dexterity bonus to AC can only be 5.
  • Light Fortification – 25% chance of Critical Hit or Precision bonus damage being negated.
  • Warforged have a 1d8 primary Natural Slam attack

Warforged of the world

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